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TJ Leigh
Cardiff United Kingdom girls
Life is no fun without a little teasing. I love seeing people get desperate. I'm currently a college student studying production arts. I have a lot of health conditions that prevent me from working so I make money online from talking to men. Help me out if you wish~

Your Queen Whitney
Swansea United Kingdom girls
Buy my clips, kik and tribute here. Link coming soon. Buy me stuff off my amazon wishlist here. Send me money here. Twitter: @YourQueenWhit You will read my entire profile before messaging me and upon messaging me you will address me as mistress, queen or goddess. Nothing else. If you do not follow these instructions your message will go straight to the trash. I do not waste my time. I am entitled, tall, confident and I know how to always get what I want. I am intelligent and beautiful, I know how to use this combination to my advantage against weak men. I enjoy toying with submissive men and I will be your soul purpose for living. I will be the first thing you think of in the morning and the last thing you think of at night...thats how it should be. I will be worshipped & treated like a queen, because I am one. I will train you to fulfil my needs and desires. I will use and abuse you, I will control your life. I am the only one who gives you purpose, you will work hard for me and do whatever I demand. In return I will shape you into a better person, slave and enrich your life. There will never be a happier version of yourself other than the one you become while serving faithfully at my feet. You shall pamper me, worship me and shower me with gifts. In return I will run your life and become your addiction. Interested?! I know you are. I am always actively looking for slaves. We will establish limits and boundaries, after we have agreed our terms there is no going back. I will respect your hard limits but you're still my property and owned by me. I will drain you, break you and then build you back up to repeat the cycle. I show no mercy, tears get no sympathy and you know what you signed up for when you sent me that first message. Prove your worth and commitment or you'll be thrown in the trash where you belong. My time is valuable and I don't owe you a single moment, so if I choose to speak with you then you best show me your appreciation. Make me happy and I will add real meaning to your life. WITHOUT ME YOU ARE NOTHING. My fetishes and kinks - Humiliation - Degradation - Findom - Goddess Worship - Tease and Denial - Orgasm Control - Chastity Limits No gross stuff like blood, scat, urine, etc No illegal stuff Want my socials or skype?! Ask. $

Newport United Kingdom girls
Flirty and curvy big boobs and a big butt too

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