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Manipulation has always been something I have enjoyed. I won’t say it came easy to me, but it did come naturally. I had to practice at it. When things come easy, you never want them, but if you have a knack for them then you’ll work to be the best at it and that is just what I had done. I grew up in a small, useless town in Quebec city until I was about fifteen and once I moved to Montreal , I found myself continuing to manipulate the people in my life. Whether it be waiters or my own friends, making people give into me gave me a rush. The pleasure of cruelty and power rolled into one ball would make my head spin. It still does to be honest. I cannot fully describe to anyone who has not been in my position what it feels like. There are no words. It’s like that feeling right before getting on a roller coaster, the feeling of being on a roller coaster, and that feeling right after the ride all rolled into one. Times infinity. I do it because I love it more than words. Oh and because taking money from my little pay pigs is far too easy. I’m selfish, conceited, and love attention. I am a brat in every sense of the word. There is nothing more that I love than treating myself and being treated the way I know I deserve to be treated. I am worth worshiping and I began to notice that there were more women like me than I had ever thought. Why not hop on the bandwagon? Ha ha.

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