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Looking for loyal cashcows, paypigs, Human ATMs, cash slaves to provide the comfortable life I deserve. Must be patient I will not do things on your time I am the goddess so I expect to be treated as such I do not owe ANY pigs my attention. If interested in being my little human wallet message me so we can discuss what type of findom you are looking for I can be a degrader/humiliator or I can be soft and praise you building you up to be a better person or at least a harder worker from me emptying your pockets. I want you to include your kinks, boundaries, and income as well. Payment will be required after we discuss what you want and I lay down some rules be lucky I don’t demand a tribute to even respond to your sorry ass’s. Some responsibilities my piggies will be in charge of are:
♥Weekly or Bi-weekly tributes
♥Listen and don’t question
♥Call me goddess or Mistress Zen
♥fund my personal life
♥loyal human atm
I would hope you pigs could handle such little tasks as those. This Goddess IS needy and greedy so prepare your bank account because I am demanding and I won’t stop. For more information feel free to ask if it is something I have stated on my page previously I will charge your dumbass $10 for each ignorant question.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Mistress Zenix


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