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Everything that i offer!!

let your curiosity run wild as you read through this entirely.

below is a detailed description of everything that i offer
let me know if this kind of arrangement might suit you
i am open to negotiating to suit your desires,
and please read through carefully
sorry if it is alot of info but i like to get it all out there on the table so their is
nothing misleading and no missunderstandings
and we can get over the transactional part quickly efficiently and with your best interests at heart
to secure something indulging to fit your needs.

if you are interested in what i offer here is the low down
There are many options available.\

If you are a potential sugar daddy
we can come to an arrangement that we are both comfortable with quickly, easily and discreetly.
Firstly send me a photo of yourself and information on what you are looking for in a sugar baby experience
if i think it is a potential match
we will need to meet
coming into the stripclub and having a club show (refer to clubshow) is a good start
if the club isint your scene im happy to meet at a bar for a drink
inital meetings cost $500
this can be paid in cash apon arrival
or transferred to my bank account
If we click and the vibes are good!
we can arrange for a monthly allowance
this is $5000 minimum
which entitles you to 1 date per week per month so 1000 each date and 5 max a month

here are some ways that we can spend time
im open to new ideas!
these dates can consist of
hotel room bliss- (refer to private shows)
going to the cinema
lunch or dinner Culinary Adventures
live music/concerts
netflix and chill
musemes galleries
sight seeing
football games


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