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I Am Looking For A Dominant Woman Who Wants To Exploit And Humiliate Me
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Small dick Loser for Goddess. I love to humiliate myself, with embarrassing photos and videos and being exposed for the fun of my Mistress, also being humiliated and laughing because of my small dick, also being offended with names etc.

I like the hand hard speech, demands, in connection with extreme verbal humiliation and insult e.g. limp dick, dirty pig or idiot etc....or other insults. I also like to be sexually controlled, because the longer I only jerk off without cumming, the more horny I become to pay.

At horniest I find when it comes again and again to sessions, where I am hard humiliated, insulted and exploited piece by piece and I am then still on instruction embarrassing photos and videos of me must make for further amusement of the mistress ...... I'm mostly naked then and show my face.
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