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I’m a curvy 19-year-old dominatrix looking for new slaves to abuse for my own pleasure. Want to know a way to make me wet? Give me all your hard earned money pig. Iwill teach you to feel pleasure from clicking Send. You don’t need sex and orgasms, you need to serve your Goddess!
Tumblr: definepeachy
Country: United States City: Los Angeles State: California
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Los Angeles · United States
Website: http://
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I have you pigs on your knees. BEG for me it makes me WET. You will never be worthy of my attention but it is fun watching you squirm as you try to please me slave. Tumblr: definepeachy
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My time is not free.
If you really want my attention it can be bought. Don’t expect a response without a payment. Tumblr: definepeachy
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New paypigs to serve goddess haze
DThink you have what it takes pigs? Don’t you dare fucking message me without a tribute first. EARN my fucking attention worthless swines. Drain that fucking wallet you that’s all your good at. Tumblr: definepeachy DON’T WASTE MY TIME.
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Maybe then I’ll think about sending you pictures of my perfect ass and feet worthless swine. Not that you deserve it.
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Looking for new paypigs😏 let’s see if you have what it takes pigs. You will break your fucking DICK and your WALLET by JERKING off to the queen the whole week. DON’T WASTE MY TIME Tumblr: definepeachy
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