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I'm your seductive ebony goddess who loves to tease and give you enough please to drive you wild. Come spoil me and see how long you can keep from being under my spell.
Country: United States City: Trenton State: NJ
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Trenton · United States
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You cant resist me
Im everything you want, im everything you wish you had. You want to touch my smooth ebony body. From the top of my pretty head all the way down to my sexy soft feet. I want you to imagine your lips kissing up and down my body. Smell my cherry blossom body and as you inhale me you hear my soft voice asking you am i the chick of your dreams. Hearing me softly moan your name over and over. And just when you think your session is over i whisper in your ear to take me. My thick thighs, sexy seducing eyes, my soft bubble butt and my phat pussy waitin...what are you gonna do?
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Welcome to my world (foot fetish edition)
I walking into your room with nothing but my black heeled boots on. I slowly spin around and pose for you exposing all my goodies for you. I walk towards you and place my right boot between your legs and tell you to remove them slowly. You unzip my boot and slowly pull them off and before you get the chance to touch my toes i tell you to take the other one off. Like a good boy you are you do as you are told. After removing my boots i push you flat on your back on the bed. I walk around to the front of the bed and place my feet at a distances where you can only look and not touch. I finally stand on the bed while youre still laying down and walk towards you asking you how my toes look to you. With every answer you give me i walk closer to you until im close enough to place my feet on your chest. I tell you not to touch them until i say so as im stroking my toes up and down. I unbuckle you belt with my toes and stroke your dick until you beg me to touch them. I give you permission and you feel how soft they are. I pull my foot back and tell you thats enough touching and place my toes on your chin and with my toes crawl towards your mouth so you can kiss and lick my lollipop toes. Dont they taste and smell good? You know you love them.
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Spoil Me
What turns me on would be a great shopping spree where i buy all skirts and panties. With you by my side and card in hand, you helping me decide rather the skirt is short enough to see my thong or if my ass is shown enough in the skirt. You will take pleasure in watching me bend over to see my cute ass. I can tell you're getting worked up because most of your answer are low mutters of yes. After watching me dress up you will purchase all the items you like the most on me. With a small kiss on the cheek, I will tell you I had a great time and walk a way in the skirt you was drooling over. All you can do is watch me walk away with nothing to say.
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I know you watching me
Instead of watching me, how about you come closer and help me remove my bra. Dont be shy i wont bite unless you want me to bite you.😏 Now sit down on the bed and watch me finish taking my clothes off slowly. You want me so bad but you cant move unless i say you can move. Now im just in my panties but i want you to take them off of me with your teeth. Now you do as i say and be gentle, i dont want you to rush. When their down to my ankles i tell you to kneel down so i can sit on your back and remove them from around my ankles. When i stand you kiss my toes and tell me its your pleasure.
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What I wanna do to you
Hey daddy, Your sugar baby is ready to be your personal dress up doll. Wearing any and everything you buy me. I can be your personal stripper making you wish you can grab me right out of your computer. I want to turn you on like no other female has. Be my daddy and you will have a Kinky baby for life. 💋💋💋
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